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Welcome to Lume Cannabis, the best dispensary in Oxford, MI. Our shop provides a fantastic selection of the finest flower in the country that’s unrivaled in the area. Our cannabis products are hand-crafted and hand-curated by the world’s premier experts, and available to shop seven days a week - in-store, online, curbside or via delivery. At our Oxford dispensary, you’ll find an environment that’s upscale yet inviting, and a staff that’s both knowledgeable and friendly. They’re both designed to give you the best experience and cannabis products possible, with nothing to hide, all so you can enjoy them in life’s pursuit of good times. Browse our vast selection of indica, sativa and hybrid THC products, our assortment of small-batch Lume CBD products, limited-edition Lume apparel and rotating cannabis accessories in-store, or find everything you need conveniently online. However you prefer to shop, we’ve got you covered with the best cannabis in the country right here in downtown Oxford.

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Lume Cannabis Co. - Oxford, MI

  • 595 South Glaspie St. Oxford, MI 48371
  • Phone: (248) 775-1365

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Lume Cultivated Cannabis Products in Oxford, MI

Our marijuana dispensary in Oxford, MI is stocked with two different types of cannabis products: Lume Cultivated and Lume Curated. The Lume Cultivated label refers to our proprietary cannabis products and strains, hand-grown (and made) exclusively by and for Lume. We cultivate, produce, and package them within our own Lume facilities so we can ensure the best quality, technique and finished products possible. And they’re quite literally only available at Lume locations.

The Lume Cultivated line includes an ever-evolving lineup of products that are some of the best flower, pre-rolls and edibles you’ll ever enjoy. These products are stunning showcases of premier cannabis growing techniques, unparalleled horticulture, and unbounded innovation. We’re constantly pioneering new processes to continually release products under this line, all so you can enjoy an endless supply of absolutely fantastic green.

And with world-renowned cultivation experts and state-of-the-art growing technology carefully nurturing every one of our cannabis plants, we can confidently say that our Lume Cultivated line offers not only the best quality, but also the best variety of cannabis in the country. Experience it for yourself by shopping online or in-store today.

Lume Curated Cannabis Collection in Oxford, MI

At our dispensary in Oxford, MI you can also shop for Lume Curated products. These are products in a range of categories that we have hand-picked and scouted from artisanal growers in the area that are doing incredible things. They are products that stand toe-to-toe with our standards of excellence, and that bring a unique spin to overall selection.

Universally, they’re derived from flower with exceptional genetics and legacy-worthy lineages – so needless to say, they’re absolutely worth trying. We’ve tested and sampled every single one of them ourselves - every flower, pre-roll, edible, vape, wax, shatter, etc. - so we can confidently put our stamp of approval on their effect and overall experience.

While they aren’t technically our own, we’re proud to sell them under our roof. We invite you to give them a try and let us know what you think.

Lume Gold Label Cannabis Extracts in Oxford, MI

Searching for a more intense feeling or high-end experience? We designed our Lume Gold Label line to cater to both. It’s a select collection of superior solventless extracts, meticulously crafted for the cannabis connoisseur. These top-tier THC extracts are the cream of the crop, quite literally. Each one is yielded from a reserve harvest of plants at our grow facility and extracted using thoughtful and precise, organic methods. There’s no room for compounds, chemicals, or shortcuts here.

To make them we use a 100% solventless extraction method and fresh-frozen cannabis flower (that we store at -80 degrees Celsius) to perfectly preserve all the terpenes and trichomes present in our plants at harvest. The final result is a beautiful collection of concentrated, clean, whole-flower extracts of the highest quality, purity and potency around.

Our Gold Label line includes Lume Bubble Hash, Lume Live Rosin, Lume Jam and Lume Hash Rolls. Interested in trying them out? Because of their potency, we highly recommend speaking to a budtender to find your perfect fit since each of these products bring something unique to the table.

Providing Superior Recreational Marijuana in Oxford, MI

Our weed dispensary in Oxford, MI boasts an awesome selection of recreational cannabis products that are second to none. It includes every category of product under the sun - buds, blunts, pre-rolls, tinctures, topicals, shatter, wax, etc. - to outfit any high or occasion. The entire collection includes the highest quality THC products you can get your hands on in a combination of both cultivated and curated offerings.

We offer in-store, online, or curbside shopping in addition to store-to-door delivery. And our expert budtenders are always standing by to answer any and all questions you may have. You can shop all current products broken down by category below, or scroll down to browse our full Oxford menu by Effects:


Find Cannabis Products by Effect

For a lot of users, shopping for cannabis starts by trying to find a product that delivers a certain Effect. Sometimes you want to feel uplifted and energetic, other times you’re looking to de-stress or recenter yourself. But since cannabis isn’t a one-size-fits-all model, it can be difficult to guarantee a consistent experience when looking for new products or strains. So, through sampling and testing, we created the Lume Effects System: a system for categorizing cannabis products on a spectrum of indica to sativa, based on how they make you feel (all thanks to their unique terpene profiles). The system includes six Effects: Move, Focus, Center, Unwind, Recover and Dream based on major terpenes found in all cannabis products. By aligning each of our products to these six Effects, we’re better able to help you find a product that suits your desired feeling on the first try. So, you can skip the guesswork and go straight to the feeling you’ve been looking for all along. Pretty neat, huh? We think so, too.

  1. Dream
  2. Recover
  3. Unwind
  4. Center
  5. Focus
  6. Move