Lume F.A.Q.
Lume F.A.Q.

Learn about online ordering, delivery, curbside pickup, Lume loyalty, and more.

Lume F.A.Q.

To purchase recreational cannabis in MI, you must be 21 years of age or older and possess valid photo ID. Your Valid Michigan, or out-of-state driver’s license or ID card will be accepted at all our Lume dispensaries.  

Recreational customers may purchase up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis per transaction and medical patients may purchase up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis per day. Of that amount, up to 15 grams may be cannabis concentrate.  

We recommend shopping and placing your order online. You will be automatically notified if your purchase exceeds these limits when checking out online.  

We’re sorry you’re having issues with your vape cart! Here are a few standard troubleshooting steps you can try: 


  1. Make sure that your battery is fully charged. (Battery is fully charged when indicator light on charger goes from red to green) 

  2. Ensure that cartridge is screwed on to the battery snugly, but not too tight, as this may restrict air flow. 

  3. If you are using a battery that has a power button on the side, make sure it is turned on by clicking the power button five times quickly.  

  4. The cartridge may be clogged due to incorrect storage. If a cartridge is not stored in an upright position at all times, this could cause the oil to leak into the mouthpiece and cause a blockage. You can remedy this by holding down the power button and heating up the cartridge, and then giving it a good, hard draw. You can also try using a toothpick or bobby pin to clear out any residue or debris in the mouthpiece.  

  5. If you are using a battery that has been in use for some time, the heating element plate that connects to the bottom of the cart in the battery can become coated with a layer of residue from the cartridges. You can fix this by simply swabbing that heating plate with a q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol. 


If you still require assistance, please contact our customer support team to get help now: 


If you are 21 years of age or older, you are able to purchase from Lume dispensaries whether you have a medical card or not. We offer excellent discounts regardless of your medical card holder status. Check them out here

We offer free delivery from some of our locations, usually on the same day. Visit our delivery page for more information and to see if your address is eligible for delivery. 

Cash or debit payment types accepted. Please note that debit payments are occasionally unavailable due to service outages. We do not accept credit cards. ATMs are on site for your convenience.

Pull into one of our designated curbside parking spaces, then call the store directly to let them know you are there. 


You can find a quick list of all our store phone numbers by visiting our locations page.

You can find all Lume's open career opportunities here. Check back frequently as we often add new job openings.  

Yes. If you are 21+ and possess a valid out-of-state photo ID.  

You do not need a medical card to purchase from Lume. You just need a valid ID showing you are 21 years of age or older. Valid out of state ID is accepted at all Lume locations.

Lume does not currently sell seeds or clones.

You can view some product testing data on our website. Just navigate to the product you want, and you will see that data on the product's webpage. 

Lume cannot send cannabis through the mail, but we do offer free delivery

We recommend ordering online on our website for maximum convenience.  


  1. Select a Store and Browse Our Menu

  2. When prompted, you can also select pickup or delivery. 

  3. Add all the items you want to your bag. 

  4. When you’re done shopping, click the Bag icon. . 

  5. Click "Review Order” 

  6. Enter your details and click "Place Order."

  7. You’ll be notified when your order is ready for pickup. 

  8. If you ordered delivery, you’ll receive a call to schedule your delivery time. 

We're sorry you're having issues with your Rip disposable. Please check our Rip troubleshooting guide HERE.

If you still require assistance, please contact our customer support team to get help now: 


Always keep the side that is burning slower on the top of the product during inhale. Heat rising will encourage the slower burning side to catch up with the other end of the pre-roll.

You can find much of that information on the webpage for each specific product.

Please find frequently asked questions and answers about Lume loyalty below.

You can enroll either at the store or by clicking here

Yes, there is no cost to become a Lume loyalty member.

Once enrolled, you will receive 1 point per dollar spent. Sometimes we will let you know about bonuses where you can earn more points per dollar spent. You may also occasionally receive other point bonuses.

Lume Loyalty Members can see their current point balance within their digital wallet, which can be found here.

Lume offers a variety of rewards! We currently offer:

$5 Off Purchase = 100 Points

$15 Off Purchase = 250 Points

$30 Off Purchase = 400 Points

We feature seasonal events too - including point multipliers, raffles, spend to earn free products, and more.

Currently you can redeem your points for rewards at time of payment. Access the rewards through your digital wallet or let your Luminary know you’d like to redeem a reward before paying for your order.

Members who opt-in to SMS are included in the majority of our special events and offers. Once opted-in, you will receive updates on the latest promotions, product releases and news.

  • At time of enrollment, be sure to check the last box to opt-in to SMS and provide your e-signature. The form can be found here - Lume Cannabis Club

  • If you’re already a member, complete the following steps:

  • Open your digital wallet which can be found here - Lume Cannabis Club

  • Select the profile tab on the far right.

  • Make sure the phone number field is checked, if it’s not – click the box and follow the steps to opt-in.

Yes, Lume offers an industry leading referral program as part of our loyalty benefits.

  • Loyalty members can open their digital wallet, select the “offers” tab in the middle and click “Refer a Friend” to get their unique referral code you can send to friends and family.

  • Once a referred new customer receives your code, enrolls in Lume loyalty and spends $50+ on their first visit – you both will receive a digital voucher for a free product out of the Lume Grab Bag.  

No! You can get the referral reward for each qualifying referral you make.

If you have questions not answered here, please contact our customer support team to get help now: