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Lume’s Effects
Lume’s Effects

Lume’s Effects


For heavy-eyes, deep sleep, inspired dreams, and people who want to experience all three. In other words, the kind of night's sleep you've been dreaming of.


A regenerative and restoring effect for body, mind, and soul. In other words, your personal reset button.


Our prescription for long days, stressed-out minds, anxious feelings or generally bad vibes. What we refer to as the “Breathe in. Breathe out.” effect.


An effect to ignite mental zen and inner balance. Like a daily dose of good vibes, kind minds, clear heads and can-do attitudes.


For buckling down, putting on blinders, tuning out the world, staying sharp, and any other synonym for “focusing.” Plus it increases productivity. Go figure.


Run, create, explore, and smile - maybe all at the same time. This happy free-spirited effect helps you get up & at 'em in no time at all.