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Lume Cannabis is the premier dispensary in Traverse City, MI. We offer an excellent selection of the finest cannabis flower in the country, and an incredible variety of other marijuana products that are hand-crafted or hand-curated by our industry-leading cannabis experts.

Upon entering our dispensary in Traverse City, you’ll find an upscale and inviting atmosphere and expert staff that are knowledgeable and friendly. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best experience and cannabis products possible, with nothing to hide, all so you can enjoy them in life’s pursuit of good times.

Stop by and check out our impressive selection of indica, sativa and hybrid THC products, our small-batch Lume CBD products, Lume apparel or cannabis accessories. If you want the ultimate in convenient shopping, you can shop for all of your needs online and have them delivered right to your door, or enjoy our hassle-free in-store pickup.

Whether you shop in store or online, we’ve got you covered with the best cannabis in the country right here in your own backyard.

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Lume Cannabis Co. - Traverse City, MI

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Lume Cultivated Cannabis Products in Traverse City, MI

At Lume's recreational dispensary in Traverse City, MI, we offer both Lume Cultivated and Lume Curated products. Lume Cultivated products all come from our very own proprietary cannabis strains. They’re hand-grown exclusively in-house, and aren’t available anywhere else. We cultivate, produce, and package them all within our own facilities so we can ensure they meet our high-standards of quality and value.

Our Lume Cultivated line boasts an impressive lineup of products, including some of the best flower, pre-rolls and edibles you'll find in Michigan. They’re a stunning showcase of our elevated cannabis growing techniques, unparalleled horticulture, and unbounded innovation. You'll find them exclusively at Lume locations all across Michigan.

With our world-renowned cultivation experts and state-of-the-art growing facilities nurturing every one of our cannabis plants, we can confidently say that our Lume Cultivated line is delivering the best quality and variety of cannabis in the country. Experience it firsthand by shopping online or in-store today.

Lume Curated Cannabis Collection in Traverse City, MI

At every Lume dispensary, you'll also find an elite collection of Lume Curated products. We hand-pick these cannabis products from our favorite growers in Michigan. They are products that meet our standards of excellence and bring something unique to our overall selection. Many of our curated offerings are Lume-exclusive, meaning you won't find them anywhere else.

Across the board, they’ve been derived from boutique flower strains that boast exceptional genetics or a famous lineage. We personally test them all - whether it be flower, pre-roll, edible, vape, wax, shatter, etc. - so we can ensure the excellence of the product and the effect it yields.

We’re extremely proud to offer these products at our Michigan dispensaries. When you try them yourself, we know you'll be as impressed as we are.

Lume Gold Label Cannabis Extracts in Traverse City, MI

Do you want the most elevated experience possible from an extremely potent product line? You'll love our Lume Gold Label collection. It’s our take on superior solventless extracts, meticulously crafted for the cannabis connoisseur. These top-tier THC extracts are the cream of our crop. We extract them from a reserve harvest of plants at our grow facility and extract them using only thoughtful and organic methods. No compounds, chemicals or shortcuts are used to make our Gold Label products.

We use a 100% solvent-free extraction method and fresh-frozen cannabis flower stored at -80 degrees Celsius. This method takes more work, but it perfectly preserves all the terpenes and trichomes present in our plants at harvest. As a result, the final result are a set of concentrated, clean, whole-flower extracts of the highest quality, purity and potency possible.

Within our Gold Label line you can shop for Live Rosin Rip Disposables, Liquid Diamonds Cartridges, Lume Cold-Cure, and more. Interested in trying a higher end high? We recommend speaking to one of our expert budtenders to help you find the product best suited for your needs, as each one brings something unique (and potent!) to the table.

Superior Recreational Marijuana in Traverse City, MI

Before we founded Lume, we were bigfans of recreational marijuana. Now, we’re serving it up better than anyone else in the industry. From our carefully designed stores and thoughtfully grown cannabis, to our easy online ordering and free delivery to your door, we strive to provide the best experience, variety and products on the market. We do this so you can buy what you want, how you want, and whenever is most convenient for you.


An Effect for Everyone

For most cannabis users are looking for a desired effect. Sometimes you may want to feel uplifted and energetic, while other times you want to de-stress or relax. Since every cannabis strain and product can provide a different experience, it can be difficult to get exactly what you want when you’re trying new strains or products. So, we made the Lume Effects System: a system for categorizing the marijuana products we sell on a spectrum of indica to sativa, based on how they make you feel (all thanks to their unique terpene profiles). The system identifies six unique Effects: Move, Focus, Center, Unwind, Recover and Dream and spans all of our product categories. So whether you want to get up and get going, or fall asleep fast and stay dreaming, you can easily identify the products to help you get there. Skip the guesswork and go straight to the feeling you’ve been looking for all along by shopping by Effects today.

  1. Dream
  2. Recover
  3. Unwind
  4. Center
  5. Focus
  6. Move