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Welcome to Lume Cannabis Company, the number one dispensary in Houghton, MI. Here, we provide the best selection and quality of flower in the country, hand-crafted and hand-curated by the world’s top experts.

Our thoughtfully designed stores and world-class budtenders offer the best experience and products possible, all so you can enjoy them in your life’s pursuit of good times.

And with a full offering of indica, sativa and hybrid THC products, in addition to hand-crafted and small-batch CBD, various cannabis accessories, and custom Lume apparel, our dispensary has something for everyone no matter what you’re looking for.

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Lume Cannabis Co. - Houghton, MI

  • 910 Razorback Dr, Houghton, MI 49931
  • Phone: (906) 275-4304

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Lume Cultivated Cannabis in Houghton, MI

At our marijuana dispensary in Houghton, MI, you’ll find a wide selection of proprietary cannabis products known as Lume Cultivated products.

They’re made from strains that are hand-grown exclusively by and for Lume at our grow facilities in Evart, MI. This ever-evolving lineup of products includes some of the best flower, pre-rolls and edibles on the market (in Michigan, and beyond).

Each one is a stunning showcase of premier cannabis growing techniques, unparalleled plant science, and unbounded creativity.

And with world-class cultivation expertise and state-of-the-art growing facilities nurturing every one of our proprietary cannabis plants, we can confidently say that our Lume Cultivated line offers the best quality and variety of cannabis in the country, bar none.

Lume Curated Cannabis

In addition to Lume Cultivated products available at our dispensary in Houghton, MI, we also offer an elite collection of hand-picked cannabis products sourced from some of the best, artisanal growers around Michigan.

These Lume Curated selections are bred with exceptional genetics and cultivated from lineages with extraordinary legacies. We’ve tested and sampled every Curated product we’ve ever put on our shelves - flower, pre-roll, edible, vape, wax, shatter, etc. - ensuring the excellence of the product and its effect.

You can shop for Lume Curated offerings online, in-store, curbside or via delivery from our Houghton location. Explore our Curated products from the store that showcase the impressive knowledge, passion and quality our fellow growers are bringing to the U.P.

Gold Label Cannabis Extracts

Also available at the Lume dispensary in Houghton, MI is our line of superior solventless extracts – the “Lume Gold Label”. These extracts are meticulously crafted for the cannabis connoisseur and include Lume Bubble Hash, Lume Live Rosin, Lume Jam and Lume Hash Rolls.

They’re yielded from a reserve harvest of our plants and extracted using only the most thoughtful and organic methods possible (meaning they never see a chemical or compound during the extraction process, ever).

We use a 100% solventless extraction method to make them with fresh-frozen cannabis flower so as to perfectly preserve all the terpenes and trichomes present in the plant at harvest.

The resulting extracts are highly concentrated, extremely clean, whole-flower extracts with the highest quality, purity and potency possible. They’re what some would consider the gold standard for extracts, hence the Gold Label name.

The Best Recreational Marijuana in Houghton, MI

At our dispensary in Houghton, MI we serve both recreational and medical users alike. When it comes to our recreational products, we pride ourselves on both the quality and variety that we have to offer.

You can shop almost any category of recreational cannabis and find a better high than anywhere else. Plus, we offer secure shopping online with local pickup in Houghton, MI, so you can buy the products you want and get them however you need to, with both convenience and discretion.


The Best Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Houghton, MI too

At Lume Houghton, we also have an incredible selection of medical marijuana products for patients looking to fill a prescription with confidence and satisfaction. We take medical needs very seriously and we take great pride in providing a superior range (and quality) of medical-grade THC products. Plus, we offer a helpful 16% discount on all medical marijuana products (including pre-rolls, dabs, vapes, flower, etc.) to users who show us a valid medical marijuana card at checkout.

Shop Cannabis Products by Effect

Last but not least comes the Lume Effects System. Cannabis can provide a variety of effects, even amongst well-known lineages. So, through testing and sampling, we created the Lume Effects System: a system for categorizing cannabis products on a spectrum of indica to sativa, based on how they make you feel (due to their unique terpene profiles).

With the Lume Effects system, we can create a more consistent measure of a strain’s signature effect, helping you find a product that best suits your desired feeling - every single time. It can be applied to any variety of product, cultivated or curated alike, and it helps take the guesswork out of discovering new strains.

It’s a more predictable, more focused, and more user-centric way of shopping for cannabis. And if you’ve never tried it before, there’s no time like the present.


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