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THCV Lemon Sunrise Rev Cartridge 1g

THCV Lemon Sunrise Rev Cartridge 1g


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Puff, puff. Vroom, vroom.

Lume THC-V Rev carts bring all-new energy to your high, with more boom than other cannabinoids do. This 3:1 cannabis-derived formulation provides an invigorating high for the days you need to get stuff done, without the heady cerebral haze that slows you down. And since the star of the show, THC-V, has a reputation for suppressing appetite, it brings the hype without the hunger, even in high doses. Perfect for the active and ambitious user who wants full-tilt feelings at their fingertips.

Free from all fillers - no MCT, PG, VG or Vitamin E Acetate.


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