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What are weed pods?

Puff Your Preference.

Imagine you could make every hit, hit different—heavier here, smoother there, a new vibe in a *snap*.

Well…your wish is our command. Introducing new Lume Rip PODS – the most personalized high possible.

How do pods work?

Blend And Snap

Sweet, discreet, and insanely easy to swap, our pocket-sized Rip PODS let you mix up the mood like Snap. Rip. Switch.

Pick your choice of concentrate (Live Rosin, Live Resin Liquid Diamonds, or Distillate) and temperature setting to curate a completely unique experience in each and every pull.

Manage your collection using the strain tracker sticker found on each pod.

How do pods work?

Heat You Can’t Beat

At the core of the next gen Rip is the greatest battery on earth (our words then yours). Variable voltage lets you choose your burn and thus, your ideal experience.

An easy two-click pre-heat function creates the perfect first rip, while helping to clear clogs. And lest we forget it’s palmable with a USB-C charging port. Powerful, personalized and convenient? 100%.

See Battery Instructions