Skunk Hero #2 Preroll

Skunk Hero #2 Preroll

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Lineage: Super Skunk x Mandarin Sunset

Skunk Hero is a sativa hybrid that will give you a euphoric boost. That sense of happiness is accompanied by a relaxation that washes over your body in waves, lulling you into a peaceful state without any sort of sedation or sleepiness. As its name suggest, the flavor is classic skunk with a bit of tart citrus. The pungent aroma is similar. Lineage: Original Heirloom "Skunk" plant from 1994 crossed with the modern Mandarin Sunset

A euphoric, happy high accompanied by a relaxation that washes over your body.

A featured strain from our elite collection of hand-picked flower from the top, local artisanal growers. One that’s bred with exceptional genetics and cultivated from renowned lineages to ensure the excellence of the plant and the appeal of its effects.

Dominant Terpene Aromas and Use Cases

  • Limonene


    • Aromas:

      Citrus, Lemon, Orange

    • Use Cases:

      Promoting mood, Anti-microbial, Letting go of stress


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