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Black Lime Reserve Hash Roll Preroll
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Black Lime Reserve Hash Roll Preroll

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"A rush of herbal, evergreen, and citrus flavors paired with a supremely uplifting effect."

Lineage: Northern Lights x Purple Kush

Our Hash rolls are 0.5g of Lume Premium flower, with 0.2g of Bubble Hashed sprinkled into the pre-roll- all made from start to finish by Lume inside our cultivation. The Bubble Hash inside is considered “Full Melt ”, meaning it bubbles the best and fully liquifies and evaporates.

  • Relaxing
  • Leaving stress behind
  • Feeling euphoric and tranquil

One of our premier strains, cultivated in house by Lume's expert grow team. Part of an ever-changing lineup of flower showcasing artisanal grow techniques, unparalleled plant science, and the best quality and variety in the industry.

Dominant Terpene Aromas and Use Cases

  • Myrcene


    • Aromas:

      Musky, Earthy, Fruity

    • Use Cases:

      Feeling better physically, Promoting healthy inflammation response

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