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10k Jack Herer Preroll
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10k Jack Herer Preroll


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Lineage: Northern Lights #5 x Shiva Skunk

Meet the man, the myth, “The Hemperor” – or as we call him, Platinum Jack. He’s a creative genius, a charming conversationalist, and a laid-back lad who’s just here for a good time. Be it morning, noon or night he never fails to entertain. A legendy sativa named after an equally legendary literarian. +++++ The Lume Pre-Roll Adventure 5-Pack is a set of premium whole-flower pre-rolls packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled plastic case that’s airtight, smell proof, water-resistant, pocket and purse-friendly, and built for the wild. Where will you take yours?

One of our premier strains, cultivated in house by Lume's expert grow team. Part of an ever-changing lineup of flower showcasing artisanal grow techniques, unparalleled plant science, and the best quality and variety in the industry.

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We’re go-getters – out to experience the things we love to their full potential. We chase the good in the name of making it even better – the best, actually. So naturally, when we created Lume, we took the same approach. From our thoughtfully designed stores to our meticulously grown cannabis, we offer the best experience and products possible, with nothing to hide. All so you can enjoy them in your life’s pursuit of good times.