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Lemon Kush Live Resin Sugar 1g

Lemon Kush Live Resin Sugar 1g


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Lineage: Afghani Kush x Lemon G

Live Resin is a unique form of concentrate in that the flower used is frozen immediately after harvest, rather than the typical process of curing. Freezing the raw cannabis flower helps preserve terpene and cannabinoid profiles, providing consumers with a robust flavor profile and precise effects.

An Unwind so odiferous it might as well be the morning mist of an Italian lemon grove. With D-limonene as the primary terpene, flavors of lemon and citrus burst at every bud’s seam. Cerebral clear-headedness and creativity offer an escape from the now, while a light body buzz lifts and tingles. Though its lineage is enigmatic, it’s rumored to be the cross of Master Kush x Lemon Joy. A ripe and freeing high glistening in Sunkissed trichomes.

One of our proprietary strains, hand-grown exclusively by and for Lume. Part of an ever-changing lineup of flower showcasing premier grow techniques, unparalleled plant science, and the best quality and variety in the industry, bar none.

Dominant Terpene Aromas and Use Cases

  • Limonene


    • Aromas:

      Citrus, Lemon, Orange

    • Use Cases:

      Promoting mood, Anti-microbial, Letting go of stress


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