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Apples & Bananas X Medellin  Live Rosin Cold Cure 1g

Apples & Bananas X Medellin Live Rosin Cold Cure 1g


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Lineage: Apples & Bananas x Medellin

Absolutely flawless extracts with more flavor than your senses knew were possible. Made from our highest quality fresh frozen cannabis treated in an ice water wash to create bubble hash, then heat pressed into liquid Live Rosin, they’re 100% solventless, exploding with terpenes, potent as heck and as pure as you can produce.

Behold, a strain so ripe for your bowl that it’s basically a still life waiting to be drawn. We’re obliged to fawn over the insane aromatics since fumes of heavy fruit and foul skunk are the first things to hit. From there, a heady euphoria blossoms as intense creative juices begin to drip. Though wildly cerebral it's physically calming - pummeling you with deep relaxation and nothing else. It’s a shining example of an Unwind with imagination. Kick back and dig in.

One of our proprietary strains, hand-grown exclusively by and for Lume. Part of an ever-changing lineup of flower showcasing premier grow techniques, unparalleled plant science, and the best quality and variety in the industry, bar none.
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The Lume Gold Label Line is a collection of superior solventless extracts meticulously crafted for the cannabis connoisseur. This is the highest quality and cleanest concentrate on the market. Live whole flower terpene and cannabinoid extraction within 24 hours of harvest for the purest genetic representation of the plant in the cleanest form possible.


We’re go-getters – out to experience the things we love to their full potential. We chase the good in the name of making it even better – the best, actually. So naturally, when we created Lume, we took the same approach. From our thoughtfully designed stores to our meticulously grown cannabis, we offer the best experience and products possible, with nothing to hide. All so you can enjoy them in your life’s pursuit of good times.