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Apple Fritter Bubble Hash 1g
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Apple Fritter Bubble Hash 1g

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"A nice relaxing high that still leaves you alert, making it great for any occasion"

Lineage: Sour Apple x Animal Cookies

Take one whiff of the sweet earthy scent and the comforting familiarity of cheesy apple pastry with follow suit. Take a few puffs and a powerfully relaxing high will leave you perfectly baked. Whether you want to be a social butterfly or chill before bed, you can enjoy “The Fritter” while still functioning full steam ahead. Bubble Hash is a cannabis concentrate comprising countless trichomes that have been separated from the plant using ice water, agitation and a sieve. Bubble hash gets its name from the way that it bubbles when exposed to flame. Lume Bubble Hash is considered full melt which is considered the highest quality available.

  • Experienced Users
  • Beginners/occasional smokers
  • Anything life throws at you

A featured strain from our elite collection of hand-picked flower from the top, local artisanal growers. One that’s bred with exceptional genetics and cultivated from renowned lineages to ensure the excellence of the plant and the appeal of its effects.

Dominant Terpene Aromas and Use Cases

  • Limonene


    • Aromas:

      Citrus, Lemon, Orange

    • Use Cases:

      Promoting mood, Anti-microbial, Letting go of stress

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Gold Label

The Lume Gold Label Line is a collection of superior solventless extracts meticulously crafted for the cannabis connoisseur. This is the highest quality and cleanest concentrate on the market. Live whole flower terpene and cannabinoid extraction within 24 hours of harvest for the purest genetic representation of the plant in the cleanest form possible.

About Lume Cannabis Co.

We’re go-getters – out to experience the things we love to their full potential. We chase the good in the name of making it even better – the best, actually. So naturally, when we created Lume, we took the same approach. From our thoughtfully designed stores to our meticulously grown cannabis, we offer the best experience and products possible, with nothing to hide. All so you can enjoy them in your life’s pursuit of good times.