Apple Tartz Cultivator's Collection Flower

Apple Tartz Cultivator's Collection Flower

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"Instant cheer, followed by a smooth and mellow full body high."

A legendary reserve exclusively featuring strains with 34%+ THC content – stats rarely attained in the industry. This prestigious selection boldly celebrates the best of the best Lume Cultivated offerings as well as a select few curated strains, hand-picked from the preeminent partner growers in Michigan. Cross Apple Fritter with Runtz and you get Apple Tartz, the cannabis equivalent of a candy apple sugar high. It inherited its longevity from Fritter, its sensory experience from Runtz, and brings a twist of citrus to the melting candy aroma. Expect instant cheer, a welcome mellow, and full body relaxation.

  • Evening smokes
  • Relaxing
  • Finding tranquility and peace

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Carbon by Fluresh is dedicated to designing premium cannabis products to fit your ever-dynamic life so each member of our community can experience cannabis's potential in a way that feels right to them.