Lume NOW

Fast-acting edibles with long-lasting highs

Catch Feelings Faster

Ride your high down the express lane with our all-new Lume “NOW” fast-acting gummies.

New Recipes. Same Feelings. Faster Effects.

Rapid-release edibles available in all six Effects for a delicious high, without watching the clock waiting for it to kick in.

Sweet Science

Powered by Dehydra-Tech, these gummies increase the bioavailability of THC absorption into the body, meaning more THC gets into your body and less gets lost along the way.

Simply put, a more consistent result that produces a predictable and precise experience.

Tastes Great, Works Great.

Enhanced flavors are paired with updated blends featuring new cannabinoids and effect boosting terpenes.

  • Lume Dream Edibles

    Dream NOW

    2:1 ratio of CBN:THC to aid in more restful sleep.

  • Lume NOW Recover Gummies

    Recover NOW

    4:1 ratio of CBD:THC to hit the reset button, recharge and Recover.

  • Lume NOW Unwind Gummies

    Unwind NOW

    Addition of CBG so you can Unwind like you mean it.

  • Lume NOW Center Gummies

    Center NOW

    Our classic 1:1 ratio for the perfect balance.

  • Lume NOW Focus Gummies

    Focus NOW

    Stay sharp and increase productivity.

  • Lume NOW Move Gummies

    Move NOW

    Get out and get going.