A Wealth of Riches

Diamonds aren’t often available on menus, but every so often they make their way into the spotlight. HTE Liquid Diamonds are living proof (HTE = High Terpene Extract).

The most anticipated product of the live resin cartridge market, so rich in flavor and terpenes that comparing them to any other would be a disservice. These diamonds are cut from a class all their own – one you simply can’t afford not to enjoy.

Welcome to the most powerful combination of potency and flavor in a 1G live resin cartridge.

From Ice to Fire

Pressure makes diamonds, but precise process makes these, one that begins in cultivation and endures through the elements.

Within an hour of harvest and just after hand-trimming we cryogenically freeze the flower at -80℃. This instantly preserves the flavor, terpenes, and flavonoids of the flower from the live bud.

Creating The Crystals -

Once completely frozen, the flower goes into a hydrocarbon wash to separate the terpenes from the THC-A (oil), which start to crystallize. The terpenes are poured off to best preserve their integrity while the crystallized THC-A (“diamonds”) is heated to 100℃.

The Final Product

Once the diamonds are liquified they’re cooled until ready for the terpenes to safely be added back in. The final product is what we call HTE Liquid Diamonds: the most quality, flavorful and smokeable live resin you can inhale.

The Queen of Carts -

To properly honor the excellence of the product, we created custom hardware crafted for its optimal smokeability. It both enhances oil flow and delivers optimal voltage to ensure a perfectly smooth and delicious hit every time.