Lights Out

Our newest dark horse is pitch-black perfection and the highest quality flower we’ve ever released.

It’s a line of highly-selective strains hand-picked for their genetics and cured in complete darkness for optimal aromatics and smokeability.

Stored specifically to enhance the ratio of terpenes and flavonoids, it showcases each flower’s fullest flavors in exceptional fashion.

Process Makes Perfect

Both the absence of light and the lack of aeration contribute to Blackout’s remarkable smoking experience. By storing the hand-trimmed bud in hermetically-sealed jars at 20℃ in pitch black, the interplay between terpenes is exponentially enhanced. Seasoned with its inherent aromas and time itself, Blackout achieves in flower what barrel-aging has in whiskey.

Rotating Releases

Since each Blackout strain requires meticulous pheno-hunting and strict assessment, we rotate their releases in limited quantities for quality. Check your menu frequently to ensure you don't miss a drop!